Friday, March 14, 2014

Trinity & Triage by Trinity & Triage

Something a little bit different on "Super Melodic Tracks". I was a bit hesitant to put it on here because some of the tracks are not that melodic (more exactly, the melodies are not that memorable) but the craftiness of the cuts and the chameleon qualities of the lead singer made me reconsider. The genre is probably indie folk but it's not the kind with the nylon string guitar and the cute chords, this has electric guitars (not enough, in my opinion) a la progressive rock and, lo and behold, a good dose of Hammond organ. I think it should be called "progressive folk" or something like that.

The first two tracks, "Surreal" and "Cathedral", kinda give you a good idea of what to expect. "Surreal" sounds strangely familiar in some places. The distant guitar solo near the end followed by what seems like a strange lullaby is a nice surprise for anyone that likes dynamic tunes. The vocalist is clearly leading the way and she's not afraid of going in all kinds of places. "Cathedral" is of the same vein. One can perhaps sense some kind of Eastern influence. The electric guitar is a bit on the back burner, maybe by fear of taking too much attention away from the vocals.

I had to do a double take ear-wise when "We Won't Say Goodbye" came up on the digital turntable as the singer seemed to have mutated into Kate Bush, a hero of mine. It's a great track with a nice bridge and a slight change of direction in the tune afterwards. Also, it's got harpsichord.

"Those Who Leave" has that nice progressive rock sound to it. Got to say I wish there were more tracks like that in the album. Didn't really like the additional voice and the seemingly out of place high pitched instrument that comes later in the tune though.

These are my favourite tracks, which is why I talk, albeit briefly, about them.

I feel this album is pretty solid, easy listening and never dull. I particularly appreciate the fact that the tracks have lives of their own, going in all kinds of different directions, something you often see/hear in the best of progressive rock (I am not going say Rush).

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