Saturday, March 29, 2014

BreadCrumbs by Eric Beers

Here's an album release (actually, it's a soundcloud set) that's not electronic, a rare occurrence on "Super Melodic Tracks". It's good ole' Rock n'Roll with all the fixings. Word or warning: it's got vocals. The first track, "I Feel Fine", is super heavy and quite catchy (there's even an extended version on the set, a sign that's it's the super single.) It's not really a sign of things to come though as the next tracks are not as heavy. The 2nd track, "I Know", features one of those upright saloon pianos and you know right there that this guy doesn't make prepackaged music. The 3rd track, "Best Friend", is mostly acoustic guitar, another facet of Eric's music. "Great Start" is a great acoustic instrumental. It kinda reminds me of The Who's Pete Townsend, for some reason. At this point, my best advice is to listen to the album and judge for yourself.

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