Friday, March 14, 2014

Void by A Roof For Your Roof

That's an electronic music release I had seen on Reddit quite some time ago and had saved but never found the time to do a proper review. Well, here it goes.

The album opens with "Haze (ft. Broke)". I've gotta say this track is heavy on the bass drum, not a bad thing. I feel the singer's voice is a bit off in some places and doesn't quite fit with the tune. At some point, heavy distorted guitars show up for an industrial feel and then the tune is done. The mood completely changes with the second track, "Time Below", a nice melodic piece. "Happens Outside", the next track, features some nice rhythmic percussion work and a nice buildup. "Happens Outside" features an organ, some strings and an electric piano/bass combo. It's the classic electronic downtempo tune with the old school electronic drum box, a slow moving synthesizer and a high pitched piano for the melody. "Standing Still" starts with a nice melodic motif on the synthesizer followed by a melody on the grand piano (I think some of the sounds clash here and there with another synthesizer comes up). "Hollow Way" has a nice happy go lucky vibe to it with what appears a little bit of bit crushing for good measure. Cute! The closing track, "Corflection", has a nice dual melody, one slow moving on the low pitched synthesizer (sounds a lot like the Ben E. King tune "Stand By Me") and a faster one on the piano in the higher registers that acts as a nice counterpoint. Nicely done!

This is a really good electronic music release. It's got the heavy drumming of electronic music, the synthesizers, and all kinds of great melodies.

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