Thursday, May 14, 2015

Random by Design by Handwrist

Another release by my good friend Handwrist. I wouldn't call it "super melodic" in the purest sense of the term but there's something about progressive rock that makes it always interesting to listen to. The first track, "into the grey and pink" (What? No caps!), has all the ingredients of old school prog rock with the over-the-top organ that wouldn't be out of place in a traveling circus. I was kinda looking for the guitar work Handwrist is famous for though. Maybe I have to be patient. Hmm, I can hear some bass in the second track and it doesn't take long for the electrified ax to make itself heard, in a soft psychedelic sort of a way. I guess I could go on dissecting the tracks but I won't, mainly because nobody really cares and secondly because it's too much work. Just listen to the album, ok?