Sunday, March 16, 2014

Concrete Colors by Sessile

This is an album that was submitted to These Are Our Albums, a place where you can share your albums with the reddit community, well, at least, the community that has subscribed to the aforementioned subreddit. Now, quite a few albums get submitted on that thing and finding an album that fits "Super Melodic Tracks" is a bit of a challenge, to say the least. Well, this album fits the bill rather nicely, I think.

I am just gonna talk about my favorite tracks below because I've got less and less time to write about the music I listen, and I am not very good at describing it, to be honest. Of course, the plan could derail if most the tracks are awesome, which is always a possibility.

"Concrete Colors" has a slow ambient start but quickly evolves into a fast paced tune with a nice little melodic hook. At some point, a distorted (bitcrushed?) synthesizer comes in and that elevates the tune to the next level. Another lead synthesizer comes in right after but this one is a bit on the cheesy side and that brings the level down a bit (Just kidding.)

"Here Comes The Rain" is the quintessential idm tune. It has the heavily processed rhythmic section and a sweet melody on top. I don't think you can ask for more, can you? A great tune.

"Knots and Numbers" starts with an acoustic guitar and a female voice but that quickly mutates into something else ... after the drop. You've got some nice slow moving chord changes, which are always satisfying, but no melodic counterpoint on this one (Not a critic.)

"Appleknocker" again has the slow chord changes but, this time, you have the super cool melody floating above (on acoustic guitar accompanied later on by a bell sounding synthesizer). Awesome track!

"Medium Lesions". You know how you can tell a tune is gonna be great just by listening to the first bars. This has the 80s written all over it and it pulls you in right away with the fast tempo and the old school drumming. When the (really) fast moving lead synthesizer comes in, well, it all comes together.

This album is a mix of fast moving idm, ambient, and downtempo (moody) tracks. The slow stuff mostly aggregates in the second part of the album. It's definitely got the goods, you know, the melodies, at the very least, in the first part of the album.

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