Friday, March 14, 2014

Missing Time by Ian Sutherland

Here's an album of electronic music of the house variety for your consideration. Well, it starts that way anyway.

"Missing Time" starts with a slow moving melody featuring your favorite synthesizer, rapidly enhanced by a heavy four on the floor beat and a quite pleasing piano melody. At some point, the tune slows down and follows an other musical path, always a good thing in my book. "Insignificance" takes the beat deeper into the world of dance music. It has a sweet melody floating above the pumping beat. The beginning of "End Of The Rope" kinda reminded me of a Def Leppard tune, for some reason. It's a lovely track as the melody is quite awesome. This is my favorite track of the album especially when the parts with the electric guitar. "Missing Time" has some heavy offbeat drumming ("I Will Never Know" had some too). It sure brings variety to the album although I am not a fan of this particular track. "The Turning Point" is a bit different tune since it is dominated by the electric guitar. Again, it brings diversity to the album. I especially like when it gets really heavy with the distorted metal guitar. It seems the album completely evolves starting with that track, going into real cool musical places. This track and the rest of the album are quite different from the first few tracks. No more hyper fast dance stuff. "I'm Sorry" is a lovely track with a cool melody. It's kinda happy go lucky. The album closes with "Tremble", a tune that starts with an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, and what sounds like a flute. It's one those epic progressive tracks that seem to go on forever. Here, it's a good thing.

I kinda got fooled by this album as I really thought it was just another electronic house release. This album is much more than that.

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