Thursday, December 5, 2013

LARP of Luxury by Eyeliner

Here's another release that has a serious 80s synth feel to it, complete with the best of what the 80s offered in terms of synthesizers and not forgetting the quintessential drum machine. I dunno, maybe the 80s hardware (even if it is all virtual) is perfect for melody driven work.

This album has great melodic lines all over. The sounds chosen for the instruments are sometime a bit on the weird side of things (I didn't say "cheesy"), like the pan flute in "Sauvignon Blanc" and "3D Pool Designer". Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad thing at all. Some tracks sound definitely more modern than others. Again, not a bad thing.

The standout tracks in my humble opinion are (in terms of melodic content): "Nespresso" (really like the lead synth sound), "3D Pool Designer" (the melody that's driving the pan flute is bang on), "The North Face", and "Toyota Prius" (especially, that synth sound at the beginning with the sliding effect).

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