Saturday, March 2, 2013

Disco Love by MrJoGiHB

This is the 2nd album of the artist formerly known as justoneguyinhisbedroom (see The Idea Giraffe by justoneguyinhisbedroom). The music MrJoGiHB makes can be put under the ambient/downtempo umbrella although its main claim to potential fame (I really hope it's gonna happen) would be the (layered) melodies that populate the tracks.

The album opens with "Beneath", which is kind of your typical melancholic "new age" ambient instrumental fitted with a great melodic line that lingers up and down the scale. It's powerful, no doubt, and that really makes you eager to listen to more of the album. Track 2, "Our Sunshine Garden" doesn't disappoint, bringing a more upbeat vibe. The title track "Disco Love" brings the tempo back down but the quality is definitely there. As with many of MrJoGiHB's tracks, drumming samples are introduced at some point (here, about the midway point) to keep the track fresh and never boring. I was kinda expecting a disco track but it was not meant to be, I guess. "Giraffes Are Having A Tea Party" provides some kind of nice interlude before "I'd Love To Be Inside The Milkshake Machine" which again layers drumming samples over a soft melodic line. I guess I could go on reviewing the album track by track but it would get a tad boring since the remaining tracks are pretty much all in the same vein.

What I really love about MrJoGiHB's music are first and foremost the melodies (of course), but also the instruments he chooses to render those melodies (they're crisp and clean, varying from bell type sounds to square waves reminiscent of the chiptune scene). The layering of instruments keeps the tracks interesting without ever muddying the mix. And then, you have those lovely drumming samples (MrJoGiHB's specialty, it seems) which bring additional life to the tracks.

Well, enough with the compliments. The drum track on "Why Did I Close The Fridge?" is a bit uninspired, eheh. It's a great track though with its super hook and the big uplifting sound, a fitting end to the album, an album I strongly recommend to check out as soon as possible.

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