Saturday, December 22, 2012

Leaving My Waiting Room by Sunlight Ascending

Leaving My Waiting Room cover art

A bit hard to describe the music that "Sunlight Ascending" is producing, but let's give it a try. You have the "post-rock" way of doing things with the heavy guitars, the power drumming, and the over-the-top intricate melodic work ("Multivac" is a good example of that). But you also have a good number of quieter tracks bordering into the downtempo and even ambient genre (listen to "Gleaming Apollo" with its very organic sounds for example). Of course, there's a lot in between, in particular, slower tunes with strong melodic hooks and heavy percussion. What makes this album an instant favorite is the diversity and quality of the tracks.

My favorite tracks on this album are among the slower and quieter ones:
- "Vladdie",
- "Gleaming Apollo",
- "The Wind Factory",
- "Picking Up Where We Left Off" (it does pick up some steam at some point),
- "They're Lonelier On The Outside", and
- "Inamovable" (hard to believe there would be a soft piano piece in this album listening to the first tracks but it is definitely here).

The heavier tracks deserve attention as well:
- "The Dhanbad Rails" (slows down considerably after the five minute mark with the introduction of one of my favorite instruments, little tiny bells),
- "Multivac" (probably the heaviest track on the album),
- "Gamma", and
- "Leaving My Waiting Room".

What's left are the short leading track "Reductio Ad Absurdum" and "Kalkaska" which starts relatively uninterestingly and develops into a lovely fast melodic driven track (it slows down to make things interesting, of course).

This album keeps you on the edge of your seat, captivated, never knowing where the current track is gonna go and what the next track is gonna be like.

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