Friday, July 27, 2012

The Idea Giraffe by justoneguyinhisbedroom

It's always difficult to describe somebody's music, so let's start with what justoneguyinhisbedroom (weird name) himself thinks of his craft: "I [...] tend to produce music that is built up of several short melodic loops that is rhythmically driven by heavily processed percussive samples." Melodic downtempo would probably be a good 2-word fit for his music. The percussion not only provides a beat (it is more or less pronounced throughout the album), but also a nice contrast to the often layered delicate melodies that make up the tracks.

The rhythmic work is impressive. The melodies are delightful. The instrument selection works well. My favorite tracks on this album are "A Nice Frothy Top" and "I Like Not Knowing". If I had to choose a least favorite track, it would have to be "Allow Me To Consult My Idea Giraffe". I found the melody played by the grand piano to be rather weak (too bad because everything else in that track sounded great).

Ugo Capeto definitely recommends "The Idea Giraffe" by justoneguyinhisbedroom.

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