Tuesday, May 28, 2013

City of the Architects by The Mercury Waltz

This offering by The Mercury Waltz has that progressive feel to it with well crafted melodic instrumentals and a boatload of notes. All tracks are solid but there are two that stand out:
- "Pillars of Creation", a true masterpiece. This tune has a melodic riff that will stay in your head for a long long time, trust me. This really should be the featured track, in my opinion, of course.
- "...And So It Goes Down As Legend" (closing track of the album). It's a long one (more than 7 minutes) but the melodic lines are remarkable.
There's one track that's quite different from the other, "Metropolis" and it happens to be my least favorite of the album.

If you like clever progressive music with catchy melodies, classic sounding synthesizers, and intense drumming but without the heavy stuff usually associated with melodic metal and the borefest of classic "prog rock", this album is for you.

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