Saturday, June 15, 2013

Back to the Void by Deramico

Here's a downtempo album I can safely recommend if you like melody filled instrumentals. The second track, "Skydiving", gives a good idea of what the album is all about with its grand piano, bass, spacey synthesizers, and ambient style drumming. The third track, "Last Day at the Beach", is full of exquisite melodies and it could have been a real masterpiece if the drumming were a little less boring (could be easily fixed, in my humble opinion). The next track, "Thorns", is a melodic gem with a solid melodic line in the background and a melodic counterpoint that keeps everything fresh. The sixth track, "Other World", has a pulsating bass balancing the melodic grand piano work. The ninth track, "Home at a Star", suffers once again from the wimpy drumming syndrome (in parts) but the melodies easily make up for it. Well, I could go on describing the remaining tracks but it would probably get a bit boring and tedious. The last five tracks are probably not as strong melodically anyway.

"Back to the Void" by Deramico is a solid release. I think the drumming could be improved to make this album even better.

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