Saturday, August 10, 2013

Voodoo Economics by Adipsia

I have discovered Adipsia on reddit, the self-proclaimed front page of the internet, thanks to a subreddit I have created called TheseAreOurAlbums. You probably know by now that I am always on the lookout for melodic music. This offering by Adipsia hit the right spot as soon as you started streaming the album. It took about a month to finally write about it on Super Melodic Tracks, this very blog.

The first track, "Sin Significado", sets the tone with a sweet melodic riff that's driven through a series of rhythmic changes (nice drums by the way) and instruments (from some video game inspired bleeps, I think, to the always welcome electric guitar). The rest of the album is pretty much of the same vein with the heavy drumming (a bit underwhelming on track 6, "God Damn These Electric Sex Pants!!"), the cool melodies, and the frequent changes of atmosphere. The final track, "Teaching Patience Through Omission", is pretty much just a short melodic riff going through all kinds of motion in a minimal/hypnotic kind of way.

It's a good album, albeit short (only seven tracks), and I am glad to finally have it reviewed on the blog.

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