Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nonsense by Thiefinger

This album by Thiefinger is quite diverse as it's got some 80s synth pop and funk influence on top of the more modern (albeit sterile) electronic music mold. It's well worth listening just for that. For some reason, I felt like giving my (deep) thoughts about each track in a very linear way. Note that my reviews are based on a couple of listens. I wish I could spend more time listening to tracks again and again to fully appreciate them, but I just don't have the time.

Track 1, "Total Fat", starts with a rather annoying vinyl crackle but other than that, it's a great opening track with a rather "off the beat" percussion. By the way, vinyl crackle is never a good thing.

Track 2, "Grim Reaper", starts rather well with heavy drumming and a gritty synth sound in the background. Then comes a distorted sampled voice which, I must say, didn't do anything for me.

Track 3, "Catch", catches the listener a bit by surprise with its 80s inspired synthesizer action. The tune itself gets a little bit cheesy at times with a not so great lead, but it still is a great track overall.

Track 4, "Fun", is also 80s inspired and is a bit on the cheesy side, not that it means it's a bad track (just needs some getting used to the synth sound).

Track 5, "La-Di-Da", goes into funk territory with its extremely heavy bass. It's a really good track.

Track 6, "Sugar Mountain", is more melody oriented with once again an off the beat drum part that is a bit underwhelming. It has a retro sounding lead and goes through quite a few interesting rhythmic changes, which is always a plus.

The album ends with track 7, "Lame", which is quite groovy and strong. It's always nice to a closing track that means something.

I know the review sounds a bit critical at times, but, let's be real here, this is a good album, otherwise it would not be featured on this fine blog.

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