Saturday, September 14, 2013

Black Cake 2 by HEXSYSTEM

This release by HEXSYSTEM is probably less melodic than the other albums reviewed on this very blog, but, after a few complete listens, I figured it had its place because it's well produced and quite enjoyable to listen to. The tracks are for the most part downtempo with some typically spacey ambient sounds and well crafted drums. The opening track, "Shapes", gives a good idea of what to expect. The first seven tracks are good but a bit in the same mold. Track 4, "Last Try", and track 6, "Latency", are probably the best of the bunch. Track 8, "Crossing", brings a nice change of pace with its dark and crunchy "progressive rock" vibe. This is a standout track in my mind. Track 10, "Saw", has a pleasant industrial feel, if there is such a thing. Track 11, "Television", is another standout track. The percussion work, once it gets going, is outstanding. This is my fave track in the album.

This a rather well stocked album with 14 tracks, most of which are of the long variety. Some tracks are quite forgettable but there are a few really outstanding tracks that make listening to the whole album really worthwhile.

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