Saturday, May 3, 2014

Symphonic Electronic - Originals Vol. II by Orchestral Bits and Bytes

Here's an album that has everything I am looking for in a release: nice melodies, orchestra sounds, and distorted electric guitars. It actually reminds me of the kind of music I like to make. Unfortunately, nobody listens to it. But I digress.

Listen to the first track, "She's Gone Now", and you will get the gist of this album. If you like that track, then you will love the album (Trust me!) It's got cool melodies on all kinds of instruments. First, there's an acoustic guitar, then a bass, and then not just one piano but two. Feeling that the mix is a bit lacking, an electric guitar with a tiny bit of distortion joins the party train. Wait, there's more, a mellow trumpet chimes in to complete the instrumentation. Awesome!

I could go on and on describing each tune (Wait! That's probably what I am supposed to do but I am not getting paid for writing those reviews unlike some other blogs, so let's cut to the chase. My fave tracks in this album are plenty: "She's Gone Now", "Groovy", High Stakes" (The jazz feel is large on this one.), "Breakout" (A super downtempo jazzy track.), "Mystery Hill", "Bass" (This tune is just a bass. Cool!), "Industrial", "Oceanic Blimp", "Bitcrushed", "The Worst", "Of Blue and Gray", "Never Quite Alone" (That sweeping piano melody at the beginning is off the hook, as Guy Fieri would say.), and "Ice Cubes and Ice Creams". That's a pretty long list so here are my faves among the faves: "The Worst" and "Of Blue and Gray" (That melodic hook on the trumpet is unreal. So simple.)

I wish more people would make albums like this one, filled with melodic lines so beautiful that they give you goosebumps or make the hair in the back of the neck stand up (I love cliches.) Seriously, that's a great album and I recommend it to anyone who likes melodies in their music but hate lyrics (It's all instrumental.)

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