Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Early Mornings by Gnarly Stokes

Here's an album made by a young producer with an awesome name, Gnarly Stokes. I was kinda expecting a chiptune or dubstep album but no, it's not that at all, it's pure instrumental, chillout, easy listening stuff. The best part is that it's mostly electric guitar stuff and who doesn't like guitar instrumentals?

Track 1, "Dreamin'", is a bit underwhelming for an opening track. It's got layered electric axes that have a good sound but the melody is somewhat chaotic. Track 2, "Justin Avery", introduces some light drumming on top of the two layered guitars. This is going in the right direction. The tune is quite pleasant to listen to, very relaxing, very chill. The next tracks each feature a (lone) synthesizer to complement the electric guitar, a wise choice, I think. They (tracks 3 to 7) all sound sound good (The melody on track 7 sounds a bit random at times though.)

All in all, it's a good instrumental album. I like the simplicity of it (No tracks with gazillions of instruments.) and I really like the guitar work. I really can't say I would have liked more dynamics in the tunes because, to me at least, this is a chillout album, not a rock (or whatever) album.

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