Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pictures We Take by Parlor Voice

Short album (5 tracks) that should satisfy the amateur of indie (new) folk pop music. Unlike most of the albums reviewed here, this one is not instrumental. No worries, this guy's voice is very nice to listen to ... unlike a lot of indie rock bands around (cheap shot!) Ok, so the vocals are good, but are the tunes worth listening. Well, yes, hell yes. The first two tracks are on the mellow side. Track 2, "Joseph", has a cool retro sounding electric organ and the guy (Parlor Voice) is not afraid to play it. Track 3, "Arc", has the same electric organ to start with but then you have a cool sounding electric guitar that comes into play and that's very satisfying. The tune is also sprinkled with some very appropriate ooh's, which without a doubt adds to its worth. Track 4, "Hospital Nights", has two layers of acoustic guitars that are soon joined by some powerful drumming which adds a good dose of drama. After a while, the electric organ surfaces again giving a feel of unity to the whole album. Track 5, "Dogwood", ups the tempo a tiny bit. Four on the floor drumming and an electric guitar as an esteemed guest. What more can one ask? Too bad, that's the last track of the album.

Very cool album with nothing to throw out. It has my seal of approval. More guitar for the next album please. Distorted if at all possible.

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