Thursday, October 31, 2013

Machinedogs by Hades of Spades

This album is a bit different from what's usually offered on "Super Melodic Tracks" (again). It's much more on the electro house, dubstep, breaks, dance floor, etc side of the electronic music scene and it definitely has a hard edge to it.

The beat is so intense and the bass so wobbly that the melodies shouldn't really matter that much, right? So, any time melodies are given some thought, it's a welcome surprise. Most of the tracks feature some really good short catchy melodic riffs alongside contrasting longer melodic lines. It's like "Phantom of the Opera" on acid. To illustrate this, check out tracks like "Acid In My Head", "The Leaning Tower Of Babel", "Childhood's End", and "Kaleidoscope Of Pain".

In my opinion, the best track in the album is the last one: "Endless Quest". Of course, the others grow on you pretty quickly. A great album which I totally recommend.

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