Thursday, October 17, 2013

Alpha 3 by Suecae Sounds

I wouldn't call this album super melodic per se but I like it enough to review it, albeit briefly (it's only 4 tracks after all). I would describe the album as electronic music with some dark/industrial ambient overtones as well as elements of techno ("Basic Channel" comes to mind but without the trance or minimal element.)

The EP opens with "Angel Strings" which really sets the mood of a certain melancholy. There's some singing that surprisingly doesn't feel out of place at all (the heavy processing certainly helps). Track 2, "Svarta Fält", feels much more mainstream electronic (not a bad thing) with the heavy techno beat. Mood wise, it certainly lift things up. Track 3, "Audemea", brings in a little bit of "real" instrumentation in the form of an electric bluesy guitar, a nice addition to this very electronic and often sterile world. The last track of the EP, "Delta 3", is much more ambient, which must mean that you have reached the end of the journey, a state of inner peace, or maybe a new beginning.

I wish the album were longer. How's that for a compliment?

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