Friday, July 4, 2014

Visions of Victoria by Liance

Cleverly written melodic music with vocals, that's pretty cool. Well, since it's such a short album (6 tracks), I think I am gonna review the album track by track (I am gonna try.) Track 1, "I Miss Myself", sets the tone to the album. It's mostly an instrumental as the vocals come near the end of this rather short track. I really like the little quick melodic motifs sprinkled here and there. Track 2, "Treading Water", has all the elements of a hit. I really like the melodic hook and the harmonic work that couples the voice of the lead singer with a much deeper second vocalist. Great track! Track 3, "Vagrant", is nothing too special (Don't get me wrong! It's a good track.) but it made me appreciate the talent of that lead vocalist. That voice has some swagger! Maybe I should mention there's some whistling in that tune (A mildly interesting factoid.) Those guys really seem to like the sound of electric organs from the seventies. Track 4, "Isabelle", proves it. This is probably a love song, I am not sure as I never pay attention to lyrics (Never! I am only interested in the core, the music.) Track 5, "Seventeen Years", is not my cup of tea as it sounds familiar somehow and the singing is a bit too emo for me. I like the trumpet though. Track 6, "Victoria City", ends the album on a high note. It's my fave track along with "Treading Water".

Well, this is the end of the review and I am pleased to say that I totally enjoyed the listen. This is good stuff. I think some of the tracks (the ones I really like especially) could have been a tad longer but that's just me.

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